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Authentication & transactions


Shoppers give their consent to link their payment card to our digital platform.


When the shoppers use their payment card, you get first-party granular transaction data, now turned into enriched marketing data and never-seen before customer knowledge.


Access unique insights

We turn payment data into operational dashboards and marketing intelligence insights for your teams. We do our analyses with aggregated data purchasing behavior, both on physical locations and e-commerce websites. We help you identify main competing locations, evaluate number of customers/average basket shared with your competition and understand O2O behaviors.

From segmentation to Personalized Services

Segmentation & Scoring

Payment card data is the most relevant behavioral data to build a deep and granular analysis of customers behaviors and therefore unrivalled segmentation, in a post-cookie era. Our activation platform automatically recommends targeted and dynamic campaigns to address the right content to their customers and calculate the precise ROI of their marketing actions. It becomes now possible to predict and influence the behaviors of the customers.

Offers & Services

You can then offer a wide range of personalized and automated offers and services to customers (e-receipt, loyalty program, cashback, recommendation) that now feel special, privileged and understood.

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Get a clear and precise understanding of your competitive environment

Compare your performance with competitors. Thanks to payment data, you will be able to collect accurate metrics such as number of shops visited, budget spent, purchase frequency, etc. Get new insights about your performance, in your sector and catchment area and you will be able to understand when, where and how your customers are shopping in and outside your stores. Get a clear and precise understanding of your competitive environment and your shared customers with other shopping places. You will optimize your marketing costs and generate incremental revenue thanks to our AI “Shopping Scoring” which will improve your targeting and segmentation (Increase spending basket, store recommendations, anti-churn campaign, etc.)


Use payment data for your business strategy

Analyze your hot and cold areas

Get individual, store, geo and group level analytics to refine your decision making and global strategy

Monitor the Halo Effect as you identify the impact of a visit to your shopping center

Familiar with the seamless parking experience for you and your customers ?

Customer parks his/her car

Customer shops and pays for parking

Parking and customer purchases are automatically recognized

Automatic reimbursement and notification


Shopping Malls


City centers

Train stations


Football clubs





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