Simple, secure, seamless.

How it works?

We work directly with the banks and turn any payment card into a loyalty card.

I link my card to Spaycial

You link your payment card with our secure Spaycial services.

I pay in my favorite stores

When your shopping session comes to an end, you pay with your credit card.

I am automatically rewarded

Your purchases are directly identified and rewarded without any action needed.


Why Spaycial?

With Spaycial, your shoppers are automatically identified when paying. No more archaic means of recognition (QR code, loyalty cards) and enjoy directly their advantages.

Better relationships between shoppers and brands

ACPR Payment Institution Approved

Spaycial is approved by the French Financial Authority (ACPR) as payment institution (CIB 17038) and is GDPR compliant.

Privacy by Design

We treasure your end-user trust, we never compromise on ethics and security.

Happier Shoppers

Shoppers are automatically recognised and rewarded thanks to a personalized journey while their payment data is protected by DSP2.

First-party payment data

Spaycial is the first platform that allows you, thanks to our next-gen loyalty program, to collect and analyze raw first-party transactional data about your customers.

Online and offline, in and out your stores

You can collect data from the online and offline shopping of your customers and from all their shopping spree, not just in your stores.

No hardware nor POS integration

We bring you break-through tech with no hardware nor integration needed in your stores.

Better Informed Brands, Better Rewarded Shoppers. Ready to Become Spaycial?